tel. 07766 416223 9:00am - 7:00pm (unless it’s an emergency)


Please read through the rules carefully before your visit. All rules are set to keep fish (as a priority) and anglers safe and well. If you are found to be breaking the rules you will be asked to leave the fishery, no matter how long you have been on site or how far you have travelled. Breaking the rules could lead to a lifetime ban and prosecution.


PLEASE NOTE: OMC Magic Twig is BANNED Thank you.

Cars must be parked in the car parks provided. Do not block or park in front of any fishery gates. PLEASE shut all gates after you when leaving or arriving at the venue.

Anglers will need a barrow to access swims as driving around the fishery is no longer permitted.

Rods must NOT be left unattended at any time while fishing. Anglers found off their rods will be asked to leave the fishery without a refund. This includes leaving your receiver with another angler in an adjacent swim. One angler can only be responsible for a maximum of 3 rods in the same swim.

A maximum of three rods are allowed per angler, all three rods must be in the same swim. You must have a valid E.A Rod license and if fishing with three rods the appropriate number of licenses to cover them.

No unaccompanied juniors (under 18)

No Guests - Anglers accompanied by a non-fishing partner/Wife /Child is allowed and must be booked when purchasing a day ticket prior to fishing, this is classed as a family member such as wife/Husband or child and not friends.

Only designated named or numbered Swims may be fished. No swim-building or clearing is permitted.

Dogs must be kept on a lead, under control and any mess cleared up and taken away.

No fish from external sources to be brought onto the site. All fish caught must be returned to the water unharmed.

No fish are to be taken out of your swim. No fish are to be taken off site under any circumstance, this will result in prosecution.

Pike fishing is only allowed from October 1st to March 1st. If you are fishing for Pike please reel in your carp rods.

NO DRONES to be used on the fishery at any time unless given permission form Sandhurst lake owners.

NO LITTER - TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU, you will be asked to leave if there is litter in or around your swim whether yours or not. We now operate a zero-tolerance policy against leaving rubbish. If you are found to of left rubbish by mistake or on purpose you will be banned from the fishery. Please check your swim when leaving.

Wading is NOT permitted except for landing fish.

Any fish caught over 40lb must be photographed in the water. 

Exit / Entry gate codes must not be disclosed to any third party. Anyone found to allow access to any third party without a gate code will be asked to leave the fishery without a refund and risk of a ban. Please do not let anglers in when you are leaving the venue. If they are Arriving to fish they will have a ticket and a code. Cameras are now operating on the front gates and if you are found to of let someone in you will face a life ban.

TREE CLIMBING IS NOT PERMITTED on any part of Sandhurst lake property.



The Washing line rig is not to be used on Sandhurst lake.

No boats or bait boats

A leader or tubing at a minimum of 18 inches must be used to prevent scales from being lifted while playing fish. With the exception for floater fishing. Fluorocarbon and tapered Leaders are not acceptable unless tubing is used to protect the fish.

No Braided Mainline, except on spod and marker rods.


No Zig Rigs






NO NUTS INCLUDING TIGERNUTS (Not to be used as hook baits)





Micro Barbed Hooks only, No Long Curved Shank hooks, Long Shank Nailer etc, they cause mouth damage. Barbless hooks size 16 and under may be used for silver fish.
Single hook rigs only.

No fixed leads

No swivels of clips to be used to join leader to mainline.


 **YOU MUST HAVE A CARP CARE KIT**. Bailiffs will carry out checks to make sure anglers have the appropriate equipment to treat hook wounds (Propolis, Medicarp Ultra, Intensive Care Liquid or equivalent). Please make sure you have some or you will be asked to leave the fishery. It is not acceptable for anglers to share medi-kits, each angler must have their own.

Fish are not to be retained except while photography equipment is being set up – retaining fish in sacks is NOT permitted. Fish may only be retained in a landing net or floating retainer sling for a short period of time. 10 Minutes maximum. You will be asked to leave the fishery and face a ban if you are caught retaining fish for any longer than 10 minutes. No exceptions. IN HOT WEATHER PLEASE BE SENSIBLE AND DON'T RETAIN FISH 

Anglers must be in possession of an assembled landing net when fishing - at least 42’’ and unhooking mat of sufficient size to protect a 50lb+ fish Preferably with sides and well padded. Weigh slings must also be of sufficient size.

Before lifting any fish from the water it should be checked to make sure that fins are flat against the body and please use a sling and not just a net.

Please ensure your nets, mats and weigh slings are dry before entering the fishery, those to be found arriving with wet equipment will be asked to leave immediately.

Dip tanks Must be used for slings mats and nets before entering the fishery. Bailiffs will check that nets, mats and weigh slings have been treated with disinfectant. A disinfectant dip is available in the front car park. PLEASE USE IT. If using waders please dip them on arrivel. 


Etiquette & Antisocial behaviour,

NO Hunting Knives, guns, fires, swimming, drugs, or heavy drinking. Drug and Alcohol abuse will not be tolerated, those found intoxicated will be asked to leave the fishery.

The use of BBQ’s is permitted. If you use a disposable BBQ please ensure it is disposed of safely with the rest of your litter.

Please ensure any BBQ's used in swims do NOT damage property belonging to Sandhurst lake. This includes sleepers and grassed areas.

Toilet facilities/Portable toilets are available for use on site and should be used, please keep these clean, thank you!

Anyone found defecating on the bank-side or grounds around the lake will be banned for life and named and shamed. CCTV is now in operation.

Any fish found to be stressed or dead should be reported to a bailiff or fishery manager immediately.

Use of lighting at night should be kept to a minimum.

Bailiffs will be conducting regular rig checks to ensure anglers are using safe rigs. If unsure, please ask.

Please show consideration to fellow anglers by keeping noise and disturbance to a minimum. Excessive noise will not be tolerated.

Anglers must only fish their own water. Anglers fishing across swims must reel back without question if another angler turns up to fish that swim.

Please see the wrap guides around the lake for the maximum distances for your swim.

Anglers may not reserve swims for themselves or other anglers by placing a bait bucket in a swim. On arrival we allow anglers to place a bucket in one swim for no longer than 30 minutes while they collect their equipment from their vehicle. If buckets or any other equipment is found in a swim longer than 30 minutes bailiffs will remove it.

Anyone found breaking the rules will be asked the leave the fishery without a refund and with the risk of a ban. Rig checks will be routinely undertaken.
Any problems please contact a bailiff or Fishery manager on 07766416223