tel. 07766 416223 9:00am - 7:00pm (unless it’s an emergency)



1. When do I receive my ticket to fish?

On completion of your booking and payment you will receive an email with your booking details and an access code to the front gate of the fishery. This is your ticket, please make sure you've received your email and have your ticket before heading down to the fishery. 

2. What do I do if I've not received my confirmation email?

Please check your spam email as they do sometimes end up in there. If youve still not received it please contact Nick on 07766416223 and arrange for it to be resent.

3. Do I need to print my ticket?

Preferably we would like you to print your ticket off for inspection by the bailiffs, but if you don't have a printer you can show the bailiffs your ticket on your phone or tablet device.

4. Do you reserve swims?

We don't reserve swims. They are available on a first come first served basis, Buckets must not be placed in swims to reserve them for friends etc.

5. What time can I arrive at the fishery?

The general rule is you can arrive at the fishery 30 minutes before your ticket is due to start. 

6. Can a friend visit me while I'm fishing?

No, For security reasons we do not allow visitors to the fishery unless they are booked on as a guest of an angler and will therefore have a guest ticket. 

7. Can I bring a non fishing partner, or child with me?

Yes, Adult ticket holders (over 18) may be accompanied by a non-fishing partner on purchase of a day ticket. Guests are bound by all our rules and terms and conditions, and are required to book as a guest when purchasing a Day ticket. Non fishing guests may only reside in the same swim as the day ticket purchaser. The day ticket holder will be held responsible for their guest's conduct on site and any mis-conduct may result in the withdrawal of BOTH the day ticket and guest ticket. Only one non-fishing guest ticket for each day ticket purchased.

The cost of a guest ticket is £5 per 24 hours.

8. Can anglers under 18 fish in their own swim?

Anglers aged 14 upwards are permitted to fish in their own swim as long as they have a responsible adult in the adjacent swim and have paid for a ticket to fish. 

9. Do you have double swims on the fishery?

Yes we do have several double swims on the fishery but unfortunatly we do not reseve any swims. 

10. Are there suitable swims for disabled anglers?

Yes we have a few suitable swims for disabled anglers where you can drop your gear behind your swim. However we cant promise these swims will be available as we dont pre alocate swims. 

11. Can we pre-book swims?

We do not pre- alocate swims. We only book 22 swims out of the 31 swims available so there's always plenty of room.

12. Can you park behind your swim?

We do not allow parking behind swims. Driving around the fishery is no longer permitted.

13. Are there toilets or showers on site.

We currently have portable toilets on the fishery and anglers wanting to shower use the local leisure centre shower at the cost of £1. Frogmoore leisure centre is a 2 minute drive from the lake. We are working towards providing anglers with our own onsite shower and toilet facilities and information will be posted on our website and social media pages.

14. Where are you located?

We are based off Swan lane in Sandhurst. The post code for your SatNav is GU479DA.

15. Do you have drinking water available on site?

No at present we don't have the facilities to provide drinking water on site.

16. Do you serve food on site?

No I'm afraid we don't offer food on site, but there are plenty of takeaways that deliver to the main entrance.

17. Do you allow dogs on the fishery?

We do allow dogs on to the fishery, but they must be kept on a lead at all times and any mess cleared up immediately and taken away with you. 

18. Can the lake be booked exclusively?

Yes, we do offer exclusive bookings through out the year, please contact Nick for availability and pricing.

19. Can I surface fish for carp?

Yes we allow surface fishing for carp but only with a controller float. NO zig rigs are allowed to be used. 

20. Can I use a bait boat?

We do NOT allow the use of bait boats. 

21. Do I need to bring a barrow with me?

Yes it is advised you bring a barrow with you as you can't access the lake by car.