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History & Stock

A large stock of carp are present in the fishery, some of the older fish are the result of a stocking in 1998 which were stocked at an average weight of 3lb. These fish are now averaging well over 30lb, with literally dozens going over 35 plus. The Venue record currently stands at 49lb8oz with at least 17 more fish over the magical 40lb mark. In recent years we have introduced some hand selected carp for their different characteristics to complement the existing stock. They have come on leaps and bounds and our first stocking in 2012 are now pushing way into the upper 30’s with a good few now nudging over 40lb. We have introduced different bloodlines including Harrow, Sutton, Dinkesbuehl and some original scaley leney's to give a variety of individual looks and characteristics. The Harrow strain offers big shouldered sparsely scaled fish with a heritage of going over 50lb. The classic Sutton with its scattered linear scaling, and the big dark apple slice scaling of the leney’s give's the angler a good variety of fish to target.