Terms & Conditions

•  By purchasing any day ticket you are acknowledging and accepting ALL of our Rules and Terms and Conditions.

•  Issue of a day ticket confirms a 'right to fish' only for the named holder for the period stipulated on the ticket only. All tickets remain the property of Sandhurst lake and must not be tampered with or altered in anyway. Tickets are non-transferable nor has any person other than the named ticket holder any right to enter Sandhurst Lake property by authority of that ticket.

•  Day ticket holders must carry their tickets at all times when on the Venue and produce them on request. If you are unable to produce your ticket you will be asked to leave the Fishery.

•  Ticket holders may use rod and line only and must not fish by any other means. Landing nets may only be used for fish hooked with rod and line.

•  Any day ticket holder having their ticket withdrawn or cancelled in accordance with the rules will lose their entitlement to fish or enter onto Sandhurst Lake with immediate effect.

•   In the event of withdrawal or surrender of any day ticket for any reason or cause whatsoever, No refunds shall be payable by the owners of Sandhurst Lake. Any cancellations of tickets will not be refunded or transfered to other dates or anglers. 

•  Sandhurst lake reserves the right to refuse the issuing of day tickets at its absolute discretion.  

•  Day ticket holders and visitors who enter onto Sandhurst lake property do so entirely at their own risk and are warned that it is dangerous to depart from permitted pathways and fishable banks. Sandhurst Lake makes no representation or gives any warranty as to the conditions of the venue, this is a natural environment and circumstances or conditions may prevail over which Sandhurst lake has no control. As such Sandhurst lake accepts no liability whatsoever, save for the death or personal injury caused by its negligence, or the negligence of its employees or agents.

•  No liability whatsoever will be accepted by Sandhurst lake, their employees or agents, for any loss or theft of, or damage to vehicles or personal belongings, however caused, whilst on Sandhurst lake property.

•  In the interest of security and fish welfare Sandhurst lake reserves the right to ask to examine any vehicle on or leaving the venue in the presence of the driver. Refusal to co-operate will be taken as an infringement of the rules and may result in termination of your ticket. Anyone found contravening rules will automatically have their ticket and access rights immediately withdrawn and could face prosecution.

•  Weather conditions and subsequent events such as flooding and freezing are natural occurrences beyond the control of Sandhurst Lake and as such refunds will be at the discretion of the owners. The owners of Sandhurst lake are not liable to pay refunds or offer future discount provided for periods when the lakes are un-fishable.

•  Sandhurst Lake reserves the right to close, without warning if absolutely necessary, all or any part of the fishery for the protection of the welfare of the fish stocks and no refund will be payable or future discount provided by Sandhurst Lake

•  Sandhurst Lake reserves the right to close individual swims, sections of bank, or access pathways for planned or emergency repair or maintenance works and no refund will be payable or future discount provided by Sandhurst Lake. Any planned closures will be displayed on the Sandhurst Lake website and on site notice board.

•  Sandhurst Lake reserves the right to carry out unplanned general maintenance works such as grass cutting, tree trimming and path/swim maintenance at any time without notice. This may cause some noise and disturbance but no refund will be payable or future discount provided by Sandhurst Lake.

•  Sandhurst Lake reserves to itself the right, at its absolute discretion, to amend the rules when and where it thinks fit. Any rule changes will be displayed on the Sandhurst Lake website.

•  Any matter arising not currently covered under the existing rules is at the sole discretion of Sandhurst Lake.

• Sandhurst Lake reserves the right to use any photos taken on the venue, that includes for use in advertising and social media. Photos may contain images of anglers with fish. By purchasing a day ticket you are acknowledging and accepting the use of your images for these purposes. 

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Email Address:
Size:   14 Acres
No Of Swims:   31
Carp Stock:   400+
Venue Record:   44lb
Avg. Weight:   26lb
Max Rods:   3
Other Species:  
Bream to 16lb+
Tench to 11lb +
Roach to 3lb+