Name: Danny banks  
Size: 26lb 8 oz   Type: Mirror
Weather: Overcast 12 degrees   Swim: 8
Date: 24th January 2016      
After a long stressful day on Friday, I eventually got the tackle loaded and headed southbound for the 4 hour journey to the yately complex sandhurst lake. I finally arrived around 6:30pm after hitting all the rush hour traffic, it was pitch black and the lake was frozen solid with only 2 other anglers in sight. I was in two minds what to do, either set up in the dark and hope the ice was gone by morning or get back in the van and head off to another lake hoping it was fishable. After a couple of hours deciding, I set up camp for the night knowing I was unable to get the rods out until the next day, hoping and praying the rise in temperature thawed the ice. I woke early on Saturday morning, around 6am and the lake was still thick with it, after watching the water for hours on end at around 12 o clock dinner time the ice slowly thawed and it was time to get the rods out! Game on! I looked at the lake map and found that directly in front of me at around 100 yards their was a deep hole which went down to around 8-9 foot, the depths which are perfect for this time of the year. I started casting my marker rod to find the deep area and to get an idea of the exact range and what I was fishing over. After around 50 casts I decided their wasn't a clear spot within the deeper water which I hoped for, every cast I was fetching big lumps of weed in which was full with natural baits which carp love. I was Struggling to find any clear spots with a good depth of water to fish in so I opted to fish all 3 of my rods over the weed into the deeper water. I approached this by using a 4oz dumpy lead with a 12" hook length which was made up of Korda semi stiff coated braid and a size 6 Nash fang twister with a jhbaits nuti-b hookbait. After getting all three rods out onto the spots and spodding around 10 pints of maggot and 2kilos of klf cool it was time to chill out and let the bait do the work. Over 24hrs later their was no signs of fish in my area of the lake so i was thinking what to do next? I grabbed my receiver and marker rod and went into the next swim and started again, cast after cast and just had the same problem more weed and no clear spots. I gave it up as a bad job and returned to my swim and sat down. Just as I sat down the middle rod screamed off and I was up to the rods and lifted into the fish! After a 15 minute battle I finally slipped the net under my first sandhurst mirror carp which took the scales around to 26lb 8oz My first trip to the yately complex and landing this beauty! Doesn't get much better!!!!
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